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"Great dancers are not great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion."

                                                                                                                                                - Martha Graham


Dance isn’t simply an activity. It is an art creating eternal moments that reach the very soul of a being. Sumit Khetan Entertainment Co. embodies this motto. A company that was founded by Sumit Khetan, who embarked his creative journey as a passionate dancer. His fervor for melodious movements metamorphosed into choreography and today, he stands an accomplished creator of magic as an Artistic Director who personifies storytelling in the form of caper and frolic.


Dance is a form of art that has to be nurtured step by step.


The key to becoming a master of dance is to learn from the masters themselves. Keen to get a strong foothold in the very essence of authentic dance forms, Sumit Khetan traveled halfway across the globe to New York where he had set his heart upon learning from the very best- the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, the oldest and most renowned dance company in the world. His unmatched talent and undying dedication to dance got him accepted into the prestigious academy within the first audition. His dynamism to conquer the soul of dance led him to reach deeper and learn at the remarkable Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre and of course the legendary Broadway Dance Centre.

Sumit ketan
His Philosophy:

Artistic inspiration. Creative execution. The life of an artiste is very different. An artiste doesn't work for himself. He performs for others. There are many paths that an artiste can take but all of them lead to one single destination - the hearts of the audience. So perform and make a special place in people’s hearts and minds. GO PERFORM!.

Dance Experience:

When you do something you love, it shows - in grace, in art, and in passion.

Sumit Khetan’s zest for dance set foot at the cadenced Shiamak Davar International India Pvt. Ltd., which led him to experience and engage in a mélange of public performances. He spread his wings within this esteemed enterprise for six years and deemed the role of a bewitching artistic director. With a bag full of treasured learning and experience, Sumit Khetan moved on and built a platform for his unique ideas. This was the genesis of Sumit Khetan Entertainment Co.

Sumit Khetan has choreographed, curated and performed at some of the most prestigious events across India. His first ever artistic direction was reflected at Late Mr. Gopinath Munde’s family event. The then Union Minister for Rural Development in Maharashtra, trusted Sumit Khetan with the choreography at the prestigious event, and the outcome was terrific - a fantastic personification of romance merged with the subtle contemporary essence of grandeur and grace.

Apart from the passion of dance, Sumit Khetan Entertainment Co. prides itself on putting together a realm of story-telling through perfectly choreographed events- one such exemplary example is the Lions Golds Awards, where Mr. Khetan also had the honor to present a life-time achievement award to the evergreen showman, Mr. Shubhash Ghai.

Sumit Khetan has had the opportunity to work with and collaborate with the who’s who of Bollywood stardom - Ayushmaan, Sonu Sood, Ruslaan Mumtaaz are just a few of the eminent personalities that have experienced the elegance of dance with Mr. Khetan. The deep-rooted experience, expertise and finesse has got Sumit Khetan to the top not only in India but also internationally as he mesmerized the audience with magnificent opening and closing choreographies at the Dubai International Kite Festival. It has also led him to judge reputed dance competitions such as the largest ever corporate dance reality show- Corporate Talent Championship, which is viewed by many on the NDTV Goodtimes.

In his many years leading in the dance fraternity, Sumit Khetan’s associations span across a range of diverse entertainment shows such as Comedy Nights With Kapil, Rang De Colors, Nach Baliye, Dance India Dance, Filmfare, et all.

Renowned for pushing the boundaries of this art form, Sumit Khetan Entertainment Co. has been associated with prestigious names such as Vedanta Group (Mumbai), Bahubali Group (Gujrat), Jahajgarhia Group (Delhi), Lohia Group (UP), and more for majestic wedding choreography. Steadily capturing hearts all over India, the company has created memories by choreographing in luxurious properties such as the Umrao Resorts Delhi, Aamby Valley City Lonavala, PC Chandra Kolkata, Marriot Agra and Kolkata- and the list increases with the passing seasons.

Specializing in Bollywood, jazz, and contemporary dance forms, the company aims to represent dance in all the glory and resplendence it deserves.

Sumit Khetan Entertainment Co. is housed with the best in class talents, experts, and professionals who come together to create pure magic in all events related to dance. Be it a corporate show or a reward function, be it a product launch or a music video, a film song, a television song- Sumit Khetan specializes in all this and more. His talent as an artistic director outshines in the form of personal and corporate training- passing his strengths onto all those who want to learn this mystical form of art.