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How often has it happened that a Bollywood track comes up and you cant help but bust a move? Well if you want to do it, do it right! Here at Sumit Khetan Dance Academy we bring you the industry leaders to teach you seamless Bollywood dance so you can wow yourself any everyone around you! Enquire about our next batch.

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Jazz dancing is a wonderful way to bring out your zesty personality. It has the power to display your individual and unique originality. This dance form is energetic, fun and involves the use of a lot of body techniques. Magical footwork, long leaps and swishing turns is what makes this form of art a privilege to learn.

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A magical dance form that is made up of discipline, diligence and grace- the Ballet has the power of turning into a dream choreography. It is said to have originated during the Italian Renaissance period and contains rich glimpses of the history and Italian poise. This form of art enables the dancers body to get sculpted into a delicate but strong muscular form that is strong while at the same time exhibits a fluid, angelic silhouette.

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As the name suggests, Contemporary dance forms often utilize more movements and body techniques than other conventional dance forms, making each contemporary choreography unique and magical. It consists of fluid moves and allows the dancer to interpret music on their own terms through body balance, utilization of the floor, flexibility, falling and improv.

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Who doesn’t love to salsa! Be it a romantic chemistry inducing duet or an energetic peppy experience- salsa is made for all. The perfect flow to accentuate your curves and moves, we focus on the first beat of the music to rhythmically introduce you to this amazing dance form.

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Kick back and dance away your stress with this cheerful and energetic dance form. The Jive comprises of amore rapid formation that the swing. Various bouncy steps with kicks and jumps are included in this dance form. The Jive is a fast-paced and maximum energy dance, which makes it a perfect exercise too.

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Waltz is commonly known as one of the most elegant and graceful dance forms. It is the cultural tradition of Vienna and brings out rich origins through the intricately curated choreography. With keen practice, the right posture, rise and fall of tempo, this smooth flowing movement of the Waltz can be learned.

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One with the world, Hip-Hop has steadily become one of the most popular dance forms amongst the youth in India. Matching the beats, this dance form involves movement in the entire body making it a great exercise form too. The song and dance combination in the Hip-Hop form calls for some sexy and energetic dance moves. It’s a must try if you think you’ve got swag.

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The cha-cha was born in the exotic country of Cuba Enrique Jorrin in 1954. While the dance involves the taking of smaller-steps and complicated formations- it truly is one of the most graceful dance forms. The rhythm used in the Cha Cha pulses quickly making the dance direction swift and gliding. Using the hips in motion, this dance form also flaunts your curves. Learn this unique art to stand out in the crowd.