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Sumit Khetan Entertainment Co.
Dance Education Program 2.0

A 100% Scholarship Program for Dance Enthusiasts. Sumit Khetan Entertainment Co. Presents - Dance Education Program 2.0.

How to participate:
• Upload videos of you performing 2 different dance forms of your own choice with the hashtag #DEPSK2018

• You can also re-upload older videos you have already recorded to audition with the same tag.

• Fill the form below and provide link of the videos.

• Shortlisted participants will be contacted personally.

• Selected Participants will be entitled to a year of scholarship & free accomodation in Mumbai.

This program will give you professional training in different dance styles and technique.

Ballet | Jazz | Contemporary | Yoga | Martial Arts | Bollywood | Hip-hop | Salsa | Jive

It will also give you experience of performing at live shows. Learn choreography, costumes, backstage, lights, sound, makeup hair, camera Choreography & many more.

Audition now!
Batch Starting May 2018!
If any queries feel free to contact us on - +91 9833951779

Dance Education Program

If you are passionate about dancing, and if you have some potential, Sumit Khetan Entertainment Co. is here to give you an opportunity.

The selected participants shall be entitled to 1 year of Intensive Dance Training Scholarship, in different styles with Indian and International Teachers. Not only will the travel to Mumbai be provided, but also the stay shall be taken care of. You will also get on the job training where you will be an essential part of LIVE shows and events! This is an ultimate chance for you to become a versatile performing artist!

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