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Sumit Khetan Entertainment Co.

Once in a while,

Right in the middle of an ordinary life,

Love gives us a fairy tale.

A marriage is one of the most memorable events in the lives of not just the bride and groom but also their families. It is a moment that goes down in history, flooded with high-strung emotions, happiness, and harmony. The coming together of all loved ones calls for an image of perfection that is etched in their memories as the personification of exhilaration and what better way to ensure a grand prelude to tying the knot than organizing an enigmatic and charismatic sangeet performance. Sumit Khetan Entertainment Co. has a team with a rich experience when it comes to creating magical moments on stage. Their sheer talent and artistic flare can depict emotions not just through emotive choreography but by providing an overall experience, which encompasses lighting, sound, visual effects, props, sets, stage, and performers. Sumit believes that every choreography is a story waiting to unfold and the way to make it blossom is by ensuring that every detail is well organized and strategic. Having kick- started Sumit Khetan Entertainment Co. with the mind-blowing and spectral wedding in late. Mr. Gopinath Munde’s family, Sumit holds wedding choreography extremely close to his heart and has the confidence to warrant for an unforgettable and poignant presentation.